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Nautical Terms

LCDR Marty Jarosz, USN Retired

Nautical Terms used in shipboard operations

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3.The main reason ships are built
5.The exposed area of the hull between the waterline and the gunwale
7.The small pole racked aft on the stern of a ship inport
8.The bulkhead formed by the intersection of the main deck and the hull
9.This type of propulsion is a jet engine
11.A sailors cafeteria
12.The measure of the ships hull from the waterline to the keel
13.A room
15.The right side of the ship facing forward
16.All outside decks
21.The center area of a ship
22.The aftermost part of a ship
23.The entryway to the ship
24.All structures above the main deck
26.Moving from bow to stern
27.The left side of the ship facing forward
29.Moving from the centerline to the gunwale
32.Officer's Quarters
35.The top of the mast
36.A wall aboard ship
37.Moving from the stern to the bow
38.The backbone of a ship
39.The aftermost part of the ship
1.The system that moves the ship through the water
2.The forward most part of a ship.
4.Moving from the gunwale to the centerline
6.The widest part of a ship
7.The uppermost complete deck on an aircraft carrier
10.These are used to move between decks
11.This is the top deck of the hull
14.This ladder is used to climb aboard a ship
17.The crosswise direction aboard ship
18.A person with little or no knowledge of shipboard life
19.A ceiling on a ship
20.Divides the ship in half lengthwise
25.The small vertical pole placed at the bow inport
28.A ships offensive weapons
30.Moving down from the main deck
31.A floor
33.A ship's main storage areas
34.The main body of the ship

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