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Swine Industry

1 2 3   4              
5             6 7          
      8   9
  10             11
12               13  
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3.Pigs sold at 40 to 60 lbs
5.young, casterated male
6.Solid white down ears; known for mothering ability
10.80% white, 20% black, down ears; known for muscle
12.Young female
14.minimize waste of water
16.withdrawing young from mother's milk
17.Black body, up ears, six white points; known for carcass quality
18.Solid black, down ears, six white points; known for muscle
20.mature, casterated male
1.used to restrain pigs
2.Integrating several stages of production into single management of one organization
4.used for identification of pigs
7.White belt, black body, up ears; known for carcass quality
8.Solid white, down ears, long bodied; known for mothering ability
9.pulls out baby pigs from sows having problems
11.Solid white, up ears; known for mothering ability
13.Act of giving birth
15.young, intact male
17.mature, intact male
19.Red, Down ears; known for mothering ability
20.Female that has given birth

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