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The Merchant of Venice

S R D Arrandon-Halden

Quizword type. Study the play for the answers.

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6.Antonio, replying to Gratiano's solicitations compares the world to a..,
8.The forfeit for non repayment of the loan is a (3 words)
14.Morocco's way of saying " a skull". (2 words)
15.Salarino and Solanio suggest that Antonio may be in ......
16.These have been the sum of Bassanio's confessions to Portia (3 words)
17.Portiia in disguise goes under this name
20.In which condition would you usually find The Duke of Saxony's nephew in the morning?
22.Antonio's two word exclamation to a suggestion why he feels as he does
25.Portia laughs at the Englishman because she can't converse with a ....(2 words)
30.What did Aragon find a portrait of? (3 words)
32.Bassanio accused Gratiano of being too like this when he asked to come to Belmont with him
33.Antonio called Shylock this and also spat upon him in the Rialto
36.How does Portia like the Duke of Saxony's nephew
37.Who does Launcelot give misdirections to?
39.Who asks to be married also?
42.Shylock's says that 'Antonio is a good man', meaning that he is able to repay a loan or...
43.Missing words: " If you _____us do we not bleed ?"
44.This is like the mending of the highways in summer when the ways are fair! Who said this?
45.Quantity of ducats for the loan (2 words)
1.Old Gobbo uses this word in telling Bassanio that his son wants to serve him
2.Antonio explains why the Duke cannot
3.Bassanio owes much of these two things to Antonio, (2words: 5,4)
4.Bassanio finds a portrait but he calls it " fair Portia's .........."
5.Shylock said that this instrument may cause a man to urinate involuntarily
6.When moracco makes his choice who does he ask toi direct his judgement? (2 words)
7.Jesicca is diguised as thios when she runs away with Lorenzo (2 words)
9.According to Bassanio, the world is decieved by this
10.Bassanio told Antonio that he recieved these from Portia's eyes (2 words)
11.Lorenzo said that Portia gave this to staving people
12.Bassanio said that Gratiano way of speaking was not polite, he was too..(3 words)
13.Morocca says he would not change his colour or ....
15.Name of Jesicca'a mother
18.3 word phrase mean "wait a bit" - with which Portia stops Shylock
19.What is "purchased by the weight" according to Bassanio?
21."As my father shall specify" says Launcelot . But he uses an inappropriate word insread.
23.Morocco declares to mPortia that she should not dislike (mislike) him because of his..
24.Morocco describes Portia as this. The term has religious implications. (2 words)
26.Salarino and Solanio suggest that Antonio may be worried about his.......
27.Parting with Portia's gift will presage this (4, 2, 4, 4) 4 words
28.Gratiano greets Antonio with an observation that he looks...
29.How would you describe Antonio's emotional state at the play's beginning?
31.Missing words: " If you _____ us do we not laugh?"
34.Jesicca exchanged a turqoise ring for this.(2 words)
35.Refers to the legal document and the agreement between Shylock and Antonio
38.In which condition would you usually find The Duke of Saxony's nephew in the afternoon?
40.Who said "I gave my love a ring and made him swear never to part with it;"?
41.Portia said that this falls like gentle rain

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