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How well do you know your classmates, A Period?

Ms. Harper

1 2         3
4 5   6      
7         8                
15         16          
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2.I have a large collection of music from the 19th century to the 1960s
5.I really enjoy photography
7.I sometimes break out in hives when it is cold enough
8.My dad used to be a professional triathlete and I have traveled to 3 different countries to watch him race
9.I have flown an airplane
10.I am half Japanese.
13.I used to do gymnastics for 4 years
14.I love to listen to music.
15.I like to help people. It is fun to see people smile.
16.I love to be in choir and perform.
18.I get distracted very easily in class and everywhere else
19.I like to play basketball
21.I used to do hula/Tahitian dancing for 5 years
22.I love playing softball
23.I have been playing video games since I was 2.
24.I could apply for citizenship in Canada and Germany
25.If you get to know me well, you would find that I have a unique perspective on the world.
26.I danced for 8 years
27.I am a very good artist. I draw all sorts of things. Example- :)
28.I really enjoy hiking and traveling and hope to find a job that incorporates these
29.I love to go pheasant hunting in South Dakota
1.I think ketchup is the worst tasting food I have ever had
3.I love blood
4.I have held a human brain and liked it.
6.I play a lot of video games
11.I have collected marbles ever since my sister told me I lost my marbles when I was 7 years old
12.I love playing waterpolo and singing country music
14.I am working on designing and programming video games
15.I like to sing
17.I am an artist and a musician. I play the guitar.
20.I like to draw
21.I ride mountain bikes
22.I love snakes.
27.I like to build fish tanks

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