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The 12 Olympian Gods & Goddesses

Created By Amy, Alex & Nick

Information to help you solve this puzzle is on our iMovie presentation.

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1.Who is the goddess of love and beauty?
3.Who is god of the sea, earthquakes, horses and bulls?
4.Who is the goddess of hunting and protecter of girls?
5.Who is the goddess of wisdom, art and war?
8.Who is the goddess of produce, especially grain?
9.Who is the goddess of marriage and women?
10.Who is god of the sky and King of all other gods?
11.Who is goddess of the family and the hearth?
1.Who is god of the sun, light and good fortune?
2.Who is the god of fire and blacksmiths?
6.Who is god of the countryside, protecter of travellers and messenger of the gods?
7.Who is the god of war?

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