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Portrait of America and Citizenship

Mr. Bernardo

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  4 5 6               7
      11   12         13  
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1.one of the two guarantees in life along with death
6.person running for political office
8.the differences in groups of people
10.laws that prohibited people from Japan and China from moving to America
11.the belief that one's own race is superior to others
14.citizens most important responsibility
15.group of people that is increasing the most in America
16.document that defines U.S. citizenship
20.things that citizens should do, or are expected to do
21.group of people that had their civil rights taken away during World War II
22.people who move from one country to live in another
25.required jobs or tasks of citizens
27.the study of the size, growth, and distribution of human population
28.people who have special information that can help determine the verdict of a trial
29.ideas that people trust are true
30.privileges of citizens
2.the most common type of jobs in America
3.people born between 1946 and 1964
4.the unfair treatment of a group of people
5.people that represent their state in government
7.all people having the same rights and opportunities in life
9.a non-citizen of the U.S. living in America
12.a person with certain rights and duties under a government
13.group of citizens chosen to determine the guilt of a person on trial
17.the process of becoming a citizen
18.your top responsibility right now
19.inaccurate description of what America is
23.warm-weather states that many older people retire to
24.the ability to make choices
26.population survey taken every ten years

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