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The Restless Earth

Miss Overy

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  6                   7
12       13                    

1.A type of farming to provide food and other resources for the farmer's own family.
3.How people react as the disaster happens.
4.The after effects that occur as an indirect or second effect of the eruption on a longer time scale.
6.The sinking of the oceanic crust at a desctructive plate boundary under the continental crust.
8.How people react later after the disaster (months, years etc).
9.Large mountain ranges where rock layers have been crumbled up as they are forced together.
11.A mega colossal volcano that erupts at least 1000km of material.
12.The immediate effects of the eruption, caused directly by it. These happen straight away.
14.The outer layer of the Earth.
2.The circular currents of heat in the mantle.
5.The dense, mostly solid layer between the outer core and the crust.
7.Deep sections of the ocean where the ocean plate is sinking below a continental plate.
10.The depression of the supervolcano marking the collapsed magma chamber.
13.Money, food, clothes etc donated by a rich country to a country in need of help.

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