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Mendelian Genetics

Storm E. Photon

Contains: Autosomal inheritance, codominance, dihybrid cross, genetic model, heterozygous, homozygous, incomplete dominance, linkage, locus, multiple allelism, particulate inheritance, pleiotropic, polygenic inheritance, polymorphism, recombinant, x-linkage, y-linkage.

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2.In a population, the existence of more than two alleles of the same gene.
5.The inheritance patterns that occur when gene are located on autosomes rather than on sex chromosomes.
7.An inheritance pattern in which heterozygotes exhibit both of the traits seen in either kind of homozygous individual.
11.Possessing a new combination of alleles.
12.A gene's physical location on a chromosome.
14.Having two identical alleles of a certain gene.
15.The occurrence of more than one allele at a certain genetic locus in a population.
16.Inheritance patterns in which females are never affected, yet males are always passed the gene from an affected father.
17.The inheritance patterns that occur when many genes influence one trait.
1.The observation that genes from two parents do not blend together to form a new physical entity in offspring, but instead remain separate or particle-like.
3.Having two different alleles of a certain gene.
4.A set of hypotheses that explain how a certain trait is inherited.
6.An inheritance pattern in which the heterozygote phenotype is a blend or combination of both homozygote phenotypes.
8.A mating between two parents that are heterozygous for both of the two genes being studied, shows a phenotypic ratio of 9:3:3:1.
9.A physical association between two genes because they are on the same chromosome; the inheritance patterns resulting from this association.
10.A gene which has the ability to affect more than one phenotypic trait.
13.Inheritance patterns in which females can carry the gene, but males that possess it always show it.

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