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1 2            
  3 4 5  
6                         7
        10   11
12         13                
15   16     17                

2.ver very old.
6.too many people in a place.
8.Brings to mind bright and tasteless decorations.
9.Is the opposite of when a room is stuffy. Is similar to fresh.
12.huge, massive ,
13.spread over a wide area
15.surrounded by beautiful views / countruside.
18.pretty surrounded by beautiful views.
19.Like a desert island......Not inhabited
1.means drab and depressing. Is a synonm for gloomy.
2.like if you handgliding over Niagarra falls. (two words)
3.The opposite of spacious. A synonm for crampt.
4.old and unusual in a good way
5.something incredible, like a lion roaring in the savanah
7.busy with lots of people
10.very quiet and peaceful. A nice place to relax.
11.has a prefix. Means a place that hasn't been devoloped,
14.The opposite of poky.
16.Not freezing but cold...
17.in poor condition in need of repair

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