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DNA Transcription

Storm E. Photon

Contains: 5' cap, basal transcription factors, coding strand, core enzyme, exons, holoenzyme, initiation factors, intron, poly (A) tail, polyribosome, primary transcript, promoter, RNA processing, snRNPs, Spliceosome, splicing, TATA box, template strand

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3.In eukaryotes, the changes that a primary RNA transcript undergoes in the nucleus to become a mature mRNA molecule. Includes the addition of a 5' cap and a poly(A) tail and splicing to remove introns.
5.A region of a eukaryotic gene that is translated into a peptide or protein.
9.In eukaryotes, a large, complex assembly of snRNPs that catalyzes removal of introns from primary RNA transcripts.
10.The strand of DNA that is not transcribed during sythesis of RNA. Its sequence corresponds to that of the mRNA produced from the other strand.
11.A class of proteins that assist ribosome in binding to a messenger RNA molecule to begin translation.
13.A region of a eukaryotic gene that is transcribed into RNA but is later removed, so it is not translated into a peptide or protein.
14.The enzyme responsible for catalysis in a multi-part holoenzyme.
15.A chemical grouping, consisting of 7-methylguanylate and three phosphate groups, that is added to the 5' end of newly transcribed messenger RNA molecules.
16.A short DNA sequence in many eukaryotic promoters about 30 base pairs upstream from the transcription start site.
17.In eukaryotes, a sequence of 100-250 adenine nucleotides added to the 3' end of newly transcribed messenger RNA molecules.
18.Complexes of proteins and small RNA molecules that function in splicing as components of spliceosomes. Also called small nuclear ribonucleoproteins.
1.General term for proteins, present in all cell types, that bind to eukaryotic promoters and help initiate transcription.
2.In eukaryotes, a newly transcribed messenger RNA molecule that has not yet been processed. Also called pre-mRNA.
4.The strand of DNA that is transcribed during synthesis of RNA.
6.The process by which introns are removed from primary RNA transcripts and the remaining exons are connected together.
7.A multipart enzyme consisting of a core enzyme (containing the active site for catalysis) along with other required proteins.
8.A structure consisting of one messenger RNA molecule along with many attached ribosomes and their growing peptide strands.
12.A short nucleotide sequence in DNA that binds RNA polymerase, enabling transcription to begin.

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