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2.Type of schizophrenia characterized by odd postures and grimaces
14.Personality disorder characterized by unstable personal relationships, poor body image, and impulsive behavior
15.Extreme, irrational fear
16.Diagnostic book used by psychiatrists to diagnose psychological disorders
17.Anxiety disorder mostly associated with veterans returning home or anyone having experienced extreme trauma
18.Type of schizophrenia characterized by hallucinations and delusions
1."free floating anxiety"
3.Often referred to as a "sociopath" or "psychopath"
4.Anxiety disorder in which a person has continual thoughts about carrying out a behavior
5.Frequent and unexpected panic attacks
6.Characterized by extreme mistrust and suspiciousness of others
7.Presence of two or more distinct personalities
8.Mood disorder in which a person experiences extreme sadness, hopelessness, and guilt
9.Psychological disorder characterized by hallucinations and delusions
10.Depression coincides with the changing seasons, specifically fall and winter
11.Extreme shifts in mood
12.Extreme euphoria experienced with Bipolar Disorder
13.Type of schizophrenia characterized by unorganized speech, emotions, and behavior

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