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Mythology Puzzle 1


For English 10 classes

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2.Who Prometheus helped that angered Zeus
4.Hades chose the underworld to rule over what
5.The child who caused Zeus to have a great "headache"
7.The reason Zeus treated his children the same way Cronus had
11.Ares or Mars was a child of Zeus and Hera and had this title
12.Who did Hephaestus create to help Zeus in his plan to punish human beings
13.Curiosity got the best of this male as well as his wife, and the box of evil spirits was opened
17.many of Zeus' children would be classified as this
18.What body part did the vultures eat from the chained Prometheus daily
19.Ruler of the oceans
20.How Cronus intended to escape his prophecy of being murdered and replaced by a son
1.Name of child Rhea hid from Cronus
2.is depicted as having a winged-hat and sandals and was a messenger for the gods
3.Aphrodite married a lame and deformed god because of his skill with this
5.This god was important to the Oracle at Delphi
6.Name of the Giants that Atlas and Cronus are a part of
8.Son of Zeus and Hera who married Aphrodite
9.Zeus if the ruler of this
10.home of the Greek gods (2 Words)
14.What is the reason Prometheus suffered for eternity; he was....
15.Along with The Hundred Headed Ones, these monsters helped Zeus against Cronus
16.Number of Children Cronus and Rhea had

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