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  36   37             38        

2.The effect of the body on the drug. Movement of drug molecules in the body in relation to the drugs absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion
7.Small oval, round, or oblong preparation containing a drug in a flavored or sweetened base, which dissolves in the mouth and releases the medication
8.Small, solid dose of medication, compressed or molded, may be any color, size or shape
11.A drug dissolved in another substance
12.Any unusual or peculiar response to a drug that may manifest itself by over response, under response, or opposite of the expected response (2 Words)
13.Drugs are aerosolized, delivered in small particles, and breathed in by the patient
14.Highest plasma concentration of the drug (2 Words)
15.Single or mixture of finely ground drugs
16.Removing the drug from the body. The kidneys do most of this
18.The process by which drugs alter cell physiology and affect the body
20.A drug-drug interaction that produces an effect greater than that of each drug alone (2 Words)
21.Medication combined in a water and sugar solution
22.Injecting drug into the dermis, under epidermis, 5-15 degree angle (2 Words)
29.Injection administered at a 90 or 72 degree angle into muscle tissue (2 Words)
30.Drugs given this way are placed directly into the blood stream and ate the fastest to take effect
31.Medication in a clear liquid containing water, alcohol, sweeteners, and flavor
33.Medication mixed with alcohol, oil, or soap, which is rubbed on the skin
34.Medications given this way are typically more rapidly absorbed than those given orally
35.Drug particles in a solution for topical use
36.Powder or gel form of an active drug enclosed in a gelatinous container, aka liquigel
38.Brand name of a drug
39.Drug name that identifies the active ingredient, assigned by the manufacturer
40.Rubbing drug into skin
41.Injected drug (2 Words)
1.The amount of time it takes for 50% of the blood concentration of a drug to be eliminated (2 Words)
3.Drug name that identifies the drug in the official publications (USPS & NF)
4.Injecting into heart tissue (2 Words)
5.An easily melted medication preparation in a firm base such as gelatin that is inserted into the body (rectum, vagina, urethra)
6.The change of a drug from its original form to a new form. The liver is the primary site for this
9.Drugs given this way take the longest to be absorbed
10.Administering drug through an enteral tube (2 Words)
17.The concentration of drug in the blood serum that produces the desired effect without causing toxicity (2 Words)
19.Preparation of a med that allows for slow and continuos release (2 Words)
20.Injecting into the adipose tissue layer just below the epidermis and dermis, 45 or 90 degree angle (2 Words)
23.The point when the drug is at its lowest concentration in plasma (2 Words)
24.A drug-drug interaction that produces an effect less than that of each drug alone (2 Words)
25.Placing drug into direct contact with mucous membranes
26.Unit dose of medication applied directly to skin for diffusion through skin and absorption into the bloodstream (2 Words)
27.Drugs that are known to have the potential to cause developmental defects in the embryo or fetus and are contraindicated in pregnancy
28.A tablet or pill coated to prevent stomach irritation (2 Words)
32.Semisolid preparation containing a drug to be applied externally
37.Mixture of a powdered drug with cohesive material, may be round or oval

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