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Skin integrity and wound care


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2.Caused by cutting or sharp instrument, wound edges in close approximation and aligned
6.Drainage that is a mixture of serum and red blood cells. Light pink to blood tinged
8.Dry, black, leathery tissue
9.Removal of devitalized tissue and foreign material
11.Drainage made up of white blood cells, liquefied dead tissue debris and both dead and live bacteria
12.Underlying layer that anchors the skin layers to the underlying tissues of the body (2 Words)
14.Caused by compromised circulation secondary to pressure or pressure combined with friction (2 Words)
17.Caused by tearing of skin and tissue with blunt or irregular instrument, tissue not aligned, often with loose flaps of skin and tissue
18.The partial or total separation of wound layers as a result of excessive stress on wounds that are not healed
20.Stage of pressure ulcer with full thickness loss. Subcutaneous fat may be visible but bone, tendon, or muscle are not exposed
21.Plasma and blood components leak out into an injured area forming this liquid
26.Drainage composed primarily of the clear serous portion of the blood and from serous membranes. Clear and watery
27.Drainage that consists of large numbers of red blood cells and looks like blood
29.Caused by ultraviolet light or radiation exposure
31.Stage of pressure ulcer with intact skin with nonblanchable redness of a localized area
32.Caused by high or low temperatures, cellular necrosis as a possible result
36.The most serious complication of dehiscence. The wound completely separates with protrusion of viscera through the incisional area
37.Caused by a blunt instrument, overlying skin remains intact, with injury to underlying soft tissue
38.New tissue that forms that foundation for scar tissue development. It is highly vascular, red, and bleeds easily (2 Words)
40.Over hydration of a wound
41.Second phase of wound healing, lasts about 4-6 days
42.An abnormal passage from an internal organ to the outside of the body or from one internal organ to another
1.Stage or pressure ulcer with full thickness tissue loss with exposed bone, tendon, or muscle.
3.Promotes wound healing and wound closure through the application of uniform negative pressure on the wound bed (4 Words)
4.Scale used for predicting pressure sore risk (2 Words)
5.Caused by injury and underlying diabetic neuropathy, peripheral arterial disease, diabetic foot structure (2 Words)
7.Type of pressure ulcer with full thickness tissue loss in which the base of the ulcer is covered by slough and/or eschar in the wound bed
10.Caused by a blunt or sharp instrument puncturing the skin
13.First phase of wound healing, occurs immediately after the initial injury
15.The final phase of wound healing. Collagen is remodeled and a scar is formed
16.Death of tissue
19.Results when one layer of tissue slides over another layer
22.Dehydration of a wound
23.The third phase of wound healing, aka fibroblastic, regenerative, or connective tissue phase. Lasts several weeks
24.Caused by injury and poor venous return, resulting from underlying conditions, such as incompetent valves or obstruction (2 Words)
25.Caused by friction, rubbing or scraping epidermal layers of skin
28.Caused by injury and underlying ischemia, resulting from underlying conditions, such as atherosclerosis and thrombosis (2 Words)
30.Caused by a foreign object entering the skin or mucous membrane and lodging in underlying tissue
33.Caused by toxic agents such as drugs, acids, alcohols, metals, and substances released from cellular necrosis
34.Caused by tearing a structure from normal anatomical position, possible damage to blood vessels, nerves, and other structures
35.Caused by secretion of exotoxins or release of endotoxins by living organisms
39.Stage of pressure ulcer with partial thickness loss of dermis presenting as a shallow open ulcer with a pink wound bed, without slough

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