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Urinary elimination


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1.A continuous and unpredictable loss of urine, resulting from surgery, trauma, or physical malformation (2 Words)
6.Awakening at night to urinate
7.Excessive output of urine
10.Term used for continued incontinence of urine past the age of toilet training
16.Capable of causing kidney damage
19.Scanty or greatly diminished amount of urine voided in a given time
20.Urine loss caused by the inability to reach the toilet because of environmental barriers, physical limitations, loss of memory, or disorientation (2 Words)
26.Used when the catheter is to remain in place for continuos drainage, aka Foley catheter (3 Words)
27.Occurs when urine is produced normally but is not excreted completely from the bladder (2 Words)
29.Patients with this condition experience emptying of the bladder without the sensation of the need to void (2 Words)
30.Protein in the urine, indication of kidney disease
31.Presence of sugar in the urine
33.A measure of the density of urine compared with the density of water (2 Words)
2.24 hour urine output is less than 50 mL
3.Soft, pliable sheath made of silicone material that is applied externally to the penis (3 Words)
4.Used to drain the bladder for short periods, aka straight catheter (3 Words)
5.The involuntary loss of urine that occurs soon after feeling an urgent need to void (2 Words)
8.People have this type if bladder when their bladders are no longer controlled by the brain because of injury or disease and void y reflex only (2 Words)
9.Used for long term continuos drainage. Inserted surgically through a small incision above the pubic area (2 Words)
11.Type of incontinence that appears suddenly and lasts for 6 months or less
12.Stoppage of ursine production
13.Another word for urination or voiding, emptying the bladder
14.A cutaneous urinary diversion. Involves a surgical resection of the small intestine, with transplantation of the ureters to the isolated segment of small bowel (2 Words)
15.Any involuntary loss of urine (2 Words)
17.Pus in the urine, appears cloudy
18.The involuntary loss of urine associated with overdistention and overflow of the bladder (2 Words)
21.Involves the surgical creation of an alternate route for excretion of urine (2 Words)
22.Indicates that there is urine loss with features of two or more types of incontinence (2 Words)
23.Bacteria in the urine
24.The amount of urine remaining in the bladder immediately after voiding (2 Words)
25.Painful or difficult urination
28.Blood in the urine
32.Type of incontinence that occurs when there is an involuntary loss of urine related to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure

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