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The Church - Reflecting the light of Christ

P. Nash


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4.Through the ___ ___ the church came into being.
5.Peter was one of the twelve ___ and was given authority by Jesus to shepherd the church.
7.The church is human and ___.
8.The church is visible and ___.
10.In the Bible, Matthew 16:16m Peter received a revelation from God and spoke from his ___.
12.These are the leaders of the church who follow after the Apostles, are in charge of many parishes and are chosen by the head of the church in Rome.
14.The title given to the head of the church and bishop of Rome is ___ and Saint Peter was the first
15.Name one thing Jesus promised to give to Peter.
16.These are leaders of the church who assist those who follow after the apostles; they serve in parishes where they preach and teach; they say Mass; they hear confessions and administer the sacraments.
1.'Qahal' and 'ekklesia' are biblical words, in Hebrew and Greek respectively, for CHURCH and both mean ___ __ ___.
2.The church is the sacrament of ___.
3.The church is the sign and instrument of our ___ with God
6.What does Peter's name mean?
7.An ordained person who serves the church but does not say Mass or hear confessions; they baptize and can officiate at a marriage; they can proclaim the Gospel at Mass and give the homily; they serve in many ways outside of liturgy.
9.Through the waters of ___ we become members of the community of the church
11.In the Bible passage John 21: 15-17, how many times did Jesus question Peter?
13.We are all called by God to be ___.

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