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Bowel elimination, fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance


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4.Occurs when there is a lack of H ions or a gain of base (bicarbonate) and the ph exceeds 7.45
5.A solution that has about the same concentration of particles or osmolarity as plasma
7.Solution has less osmolarity than plasma. Moves out of the intra as ulnar space and into intra cellular fluid, causing cells to swell and possibly burst
10.A term used for a surgically formed opening from the inside of an organ to the outside
12.Major icf anion, a buffer anion in both icf and ecf. Normal serum level 2.5-4.5 mG/dL
14.The tendency of solutes to move freely throughout a solvent
17.Substances that are capable of breaking into particles called ions
18.Fluid volume deficit or isotonic fluid loss
20.Most abundant electrolyte in the body. Normal serum concentration 8.6-10.2 mg/dL
21.A solution that has a greater osmolarity than plasma. Water moves out of cells and is drawn into the intra as ulnar compartment, causing the cells to shrink
23.A process that requires energy for the movement of substances through a cell membrane from an area of lesser solute concentration to an area of higher solute concentration (2 Words)
27.The condition characterized by an excess of H ions or loss of base ions in the ecf in which the ph falls below 7.35
30."Pushing" force. Pushes fluids out of the capillary wall into the interstitial space (2 Words)
31.An anion that is the major chemical base buffer within the body, found in icf and ecf. Normal serum level 25-29 mEq/L
32.Liquids that hold a substance in solution
35.A surplus of sodium in ecf caused by excess water loss or overall excess of sodium
39.Sodium deficit in ecf, caused by loss of sodium or a gain of water
40.Ion with a positive charge
41.Allows liquid fecal content from the ileum of the small intestine to be eliminated through the stoma
43.A substance that prevents body fluids from becoming overly acidic or alkaline
44.Major cation of icf, primary influence inside cell. Normal serum concentration 3.5-5.0 mEq/L
45.Below normal concentration of phosphorus in the ecf
46.Excessive retention of water and sodium in ecf in near equal proportions results in fluid volume excess.
1.The concentration of particles in a solution, or it's pulling power
2.Substances that are dissolved in a solution
3.Chief electrolyte of ecf, primary influence outside cell. Normal serum concentration 135-145 mEq/L
5.Fluid within the cells
6."Pulling" force. Pulling fluids back into the capillaries (3 Words)
8.An atom or molecule carrying an electrical charge
9.Excess of calcium in ecf. Two major causes are cancer and hyperparathyroidism
11.Permits formed feces in the colon to exit through the stoma
13.All the fluid outside of the cells
15.Magnesium excess in the ecf.
16.A substance that can trap H+ ions
19.Potassium deficit in ecf. A common electrolyte abnormality
22.The major method of transporting body fluids. Water shifts and balance depend heavily on this route of transport
24.A substance containing H+ that can be liberated or released
25.Above normal concentrations of phosphorus in the ecf
26.Calcium deficit in effect
28.Accumulation of fluid in the interstitial space
29.Excess of potassium in ecf. May result from renal failure or use of certain meds
30.Magnesium deficit in the ecf
33.The passage of fluid through a permeable membrane
34.Major extra cellular anion. Normal serum level 97-107 mEq/L
36.Ion with a negative charge
37.Second most abundant icf cation after potassium. Normal serum concentration 1.3-2.3 mEq/L
38.The unit of measure used to describe acid-base balance, an expression of H+ ion concentration and the resulting acidity or alkalinity of a substance
42.The part of the ostomy that is attached to the skin, is formed by suturing the mucosa to the skin

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