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Mixtures and Solution: Part 1

Using your notes on Mixtures and Solutions and ways to separate mixtures. Complete the following crossword puzzle.

1 2
9 10              
11 12                  

3.used to separate smaller solid particles from larger solid particles
4.used to separate solid particles from a liquid
5.the solution is ______ or left uncovered until all the liquid evaporates
6.when a ______ is stirred through the mixture, it pulls out the magnetic material from the mixture
7.when filtering a solid out of a liquid you place the filter _____ into the funnel
8.used to separate a solid that has dissolved in a liquid solution
10.______ attraction is used to separate magnetic material from a mixture of other substances
12.used to separate solids that float from the remaining liquid in a mixture
13.when sifting out rocks you use the filter _______
1.2 or more substances mxied together but can be separated from each other
2.used to separate and analyze the solutes in a solution
9.a mixture where the substances can not be distinguished apart
11.a mixture can be made from a combination of liquids, gases, or _____

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