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Chapter One

Annie Jacobites

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2.Relying on communication to accomplish particular objectives.
5.The target of a message.
8.A set of symbols that are joined to create a meaningful message.
9.The affect, or feelings, we have for others.
12.The ability of one person, group, or organization to influence others, and the manner in which their relationships are conducted.
13.Involving two or more people acting in both sender and receiver roles whose messages are dependent on and influenced by those of their communication partner.
14.Interference with a message that makes its final form different from the original.
16.Arbitrary constructions (usually in the form of language or behaviors) that refer to people, things, and concepts.
19.Behaviors based on social understandings that help communicators achieve their goals.
20.The study of morals, specifically the moral choices individuals make in their relationships with others.
22.Thoughts that communicators have about themselves and others.
23.The process of receiving a message by interpreting and assigning meaning to it.
24.The process of mentally constructing a message for production.
25.Observable communication, including both verbal and nonverbal messages; the manner in which we act or function in response to our attitudes and beliefs.
26.The ability to have a number of communication behaviors at one’s disposal and the willingness to use different behaviors in different situations.
1.A type of communication that is effective and appropriate for a given situation, in which the communicators continually evaluate and reassess their own communication process.
3.A transactional model of communication in which communicators send and receive messages simultaneously within a relational, situational, and cultural context.
4.The interconnection or interdependence between two or more people required to achieve goals.
6.The process by which individuals use symbols, signs, and behaviors to exchange information.
7.A message from the receiver to the sender that illustrates responses that naturally occur when two or more people communicate.
10.Communication between a sender and a receiver that incorporates feedback.
11.An examination of how communication behaviors work to accomplish goals in personal, group, organizational, or public situations.
15.Mutual dependence where the actions of each partner affect the other(s).
17.The individual who originates communication, with words or action.
18.Communication in which a sender originates a message, which is carried through a channel and perhaps interfered with by noise to the receiver.
21.The method through which communication occurs.
23.A pair of people.

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