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Hematology Lab Specimen Rejection in the NICU

Lorie Williams

To reinforce Service Learning Project material regarding Hematology laboratory specimen rejection in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Vidant Medical Center.

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2.time to collect
3.milking, scooping, and scraping of puncture site
4.you should____to the 500u line of the collection tube
6.this risk is increased with multiple lab sticks
8._______used for collection can be possible reason for rejection
9.how many minutes the puncture site should be warmed
10.what should you do with the first drop of blood
13.collection tube or ______can be possible reason for rejection
14.staff _______ level can be possible cause for rejection
1.this need is caused by increased blood loss due to multiple lab sticks
5.each patient should have the appropriate sized one for each lab stick
7.tapping of the collection tube will do this to the anticoagulant
11.caused by multiple lab sticks to obtain blood sample
12.after each drop of blood is collected into tube you should

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