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Catholic Faith I

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1.Second Sacrament of initiation in which we partake in consuming the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.
7.Sacrament in which a man and a woman take a Sacred Vow in marriage to each other.
10.Saints (big "S") in Heaven who have fought the good fight and won the battle here on earth.
12.First Sacrament of Initiation which removes Original Sin and welcomes one as a Child of God into the Christian Community.
14.God's judgment at the time of death.
16.A forgiveness of time in Purgatory.
2.Sacrament where a man is ordained a Deacon, Priest and/or Bishop.
3.Full forgiveness of time in Purgatory.
4.Title of all of the souls within the Church.
5.Sacrament of repentance which erases confessed sins.
6.Souls in Purgatory who have yet to be purified for entrance into Heaven.
8.Sacrament in which those who are ill or dying receive special blessings and graces to withstand illness or death.
9.saints (little "s") who are on earth fighting for the Faith.
10.Third Sacrament of Initiation where one receives a special Grace of the Holy Spirit for full adult witness to the Catholic Faith.
11.God's judgment at the end of the world.
13.Place of everlasting Happiness with God for those who chose to love Him and keep his Commandments.
15.Place of eternal damnation for those who do not chose to follow God and His Commandments.

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