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Variations Test Three

Dayyna Slawson

LA 10-14 For Final Variations Exam

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3.A rapid shift of emotions
5.Little impulse control, inability to cope with depression, substance abuse, non compliance with meds is a ___________ symptom of schizophrenia.
8.A behaviour that includes unsuccessful attempts and gestures of suicide that are associated with a low likelihood of success.
10.Poor relationships, low interest in hobbies and activities, loss of interest in appearance is a ___________ symptom of schizophrenia.
11.Sensory perceptions for which there is no external stimuli.
12.Lack of feelings, emotions, concern, or interests.
14.Thoughts or fantasies of suicide that are expressed but have no threat. (2 Words)
15.Auditory, visual, tactile hallucinations, agnosia, distorted body images, negative self perceptions are a __________ symptom of schizophrenia.
17.State between lethargy and stupor. Sleeps most of the time, difficult to arose.
20.Serious self directed actions that are intended to do harm to or end one's life. (2 Words)
22.Unresponsive emotions.
23.Fabricates events to fill in memory gaps.
24.Suicidal __________ are thoughts or fantasies of suicide that are expressed but have no definite threat.
25.The disturbance in one's ability to cope effectively. (2 Words)
26.Labile or inappropriate affect, disturbance in limbic functioning is a __________ symptom of schizophrenia.
28.Action that results in little or no injury to oneself but communicates a message. (2 Words)
29.The ability to cope with and adjust to reoccurring stresses of living in an acceptable way. (2 Words)
31.Inability to remain in the sitting position, commonly caused by antipsychotic drugs.
33.Involuntary parrot like repetition of a word or sentence just spoken by someone else.
34.False beliefs that are resistant to reasoning or change.
35.Inability to recognize reality, relate to others, or cope with life's demands..
36.Delusions, errors in recall, derealization, believing people and media are talking about them, flight of ideas and incorrect usage of language is a ________ symptom of schizophrenia.
37.A sudden interruption in train of thought, unable to make a complete sentence.
38.Inability to recognize familiar environmental objects or people.
39.A newly coined word or expression or a new usage of a word.
1.Difficulty in performing voluntary muscle movements. (2 Words)
2.Serious and potentially fatal extrapyrimidal side effects of antipsychotics and neurolyptics. (3 Words)
4.Slowing down of body movements and mental state.
6.A strong, persistent irrational fear of an object or situation.
7.The only subtype of schizophrenia that has a good prognosis if treated early.
9.Expressions of the intent to take one's life but without any action. (2 Words)
13.Temporary expression of feelings of state of mind.
16.Disturbing thought patterns, behaviours, loss of contact with reality, impaired functioning of ADLs.
18.Impaired muscle tone
19.Inability to execute voluntary movements.
21.Loss of interest or pleasure from previously enjoyed activities.
27.Drowsy, sleepy, having an inclination to sleep
30.False perception of actual stimuli.
32.Being in a private location away from other people.

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