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Chapter 14 Sections 1- 5 Crossword Puzzle

Sara Buckley


1 2
4 5                      
6             7
  8 9                     10  
11         12       13      
  16             17         18              
  20     21     22            
23 24   25           26        
        27   28              
              29 30       31  
  33                                 34        
      36                           37
              38       39        
            41   42            
45                       46 47
  50           51        

3.come from asteroids or comets; chunks of rock and dust in space
5.the ___ ____ is a doughnut shaped region where comets come from
6.central region in sun where sun's energy is produced
9.inner layer of sun's atmosphere
11.Mars has two moons, _____ and Deimos
13.planet that has seasons just as Earth does
14.meteors that have stuck Earth's surface
16.clouds on Venus are made of _____ ______
18.planet that has no moons;not Venus
19.fuzzy outer layer of comet
21.the outer planets called ___ __ becasue they don't have solid surfaces
24.the gas tail of a comet always points away from the ___
26.name of Saturn's largest moon
28.solid inner core of a comet
29.planet with the greatest temperature extremes
33.the __ ____ on Venus is caused by heat being trapped in its atmosphere
34.Neptune is nicknamed the ____ Planet due to its color
36.middle layer of sun's atmosphere
38.source of all light in the solar system
39.planet made of 70% water
40.Mars is nicknamed the ____ Planet
42.Uranus has a blue-green color due to the _____ in its atmosphere
43.the atmosphere on Venus is made mostly of the gas ____ _____
44.rocky bodies that revolve around the sun;too small to be planets
45.scientist who developed sun centered model of the solar system
48.name of the largest moon in solar system; one of Jupiter's moons
49.place where asteroids are found; in between Mars and Jupiter
50.name of Neptune's largest moon
51.this planet's nicknames include "The Evening Star" and "Earth's Twin"
52.natural satellite that orbits a planet
53.Saturn has an average density less than the density of ____
1.One ___ ____ is the avg. distance between the Earth and the sun
2.eruptions of gas in space
3.planet that may have once had liquid water on it
4.outer layer of sun's atmosphere
7.all comets have a gas tail and a ____ tail
8.smallest planet
10.second largest planet
11.____ is no longer classified as a planet
12.areas of gas on sun's surface that are cooler than areas around them
15.largest planet
17.small rocky bodies of ice and dust
20.name of the largest mountain in the solar system
22.scientist who used telescope to observe the planets in 1610
23.type of system in which planets revolve around the sun
25.____ ____ is the process by which the sun produces energy
27.__ ___ happen when meteors are visible at least once a minute
30.shape of a comet's robit; flattened circle or oval
31.disks of ice and rock; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune have these
32.inner planets are also called the __ planets; from the latin word"terra"
33.the ____ ___ ____ is the name of a storm on Neptune
35.depressions on the moon caused by meteoroids
36.the Oort ____ is a place where comets come from
37.planet hit by an object and is tipped on its side
38.stream of electrically charged particles outside of the sun
41.Earth's atmosphere is made mostly of______ and oxygen
45.name of Pluto's only moon
46.streak of light in Earth's atmosphere
47.planet in which its day is longer than its year

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