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Nature's Gifts


Lesson 8

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48               49      
    50           51              

1.v. to make st impossible or prevent it from happening
5.v. to influence what people or situations do or what happens : n. the power to affect the way sb or st develops, behaves, or thinks
11.n. a bad accident such as a flood, storm, or accident which causes great damage or suffering
13.v. to stay or move on the surface of a liguid without sinking
17.n. a powder that is made by crushing grain
21.n. the process of building things such as houses, bridges, roads, etc.
22.phr. to want to do st very much, or to be very prepared to do st
23.n. a soft, light substance which forms the outer part of a special tree
24.n. a machine or tool that does a special job
26.phr. the final person or thing in a list, but still important
27.n. business that produces a particular type of thing or provides a particular service
28.n. a solid substance such as wood, plastic, or metal, or cloth
30.a. belonging to a time long ago in history
33.a. quiet and peaceful
35.n. the largest type of ship used in war
37.v. to give sb the courage or confidence to do st
38.a. standing or sitting straight up; always behaving in an honest way
39.phr. cause st to happen or cause sb to do st
40.a. regarded as very important as part of history
42.n. a series of often recognizable musical notes that are played or sung
44.n. the reasons that explain why st is made or done
46.a. being beautiful and pleasant
47.n. work, especially physical work
48.n. the measurement of st from one end to the other
49.n. the long thin part of a plant, from which leaves, flowers, or fruit grow
50.a. not easily broken or destroyed
51.a. worthy
52.n. a country which is controlled by a more powerful country
53.phr. to eat a particular food to live and grow
2.phr. to be closely related to sb or st
3.n. a country ruled by a king or queen
4.phr. to cause to happen
6.phr. a piece of clothing which prevents sinking in water
7.n. a state of disagreement or an argument between people, groups, countries, etc.
8.phr. to make A do B they do not want to do
9.n. sb who is owned by another person and works for no pay
10.phr. to watch, listen to, or think about sb or st carefully
12.v. to exchange goods or services between people or countries
14.ad. greatly and surprisingly
15.phr. to have a particular function or position, usually in a situation or in society
16.a. having a strong power to change people's thoughts or behavior
18.v. to make goods or material usually in large quantities
19.n. a hard metal that is used to make steel
20.a. being rooted in the cultural behavior of a country or group of people over a period of time
25.phr. to allow a person or animal to be independent
29.phr. sb or st that inspires people to follow an admirable behavior or attitude
31.a. effective or successful in dealing with a problem
32.a. in a natural state and not treated or prepared for use
34.phr. to bring st or sb move upward
36.n. a type of caterpillar that produces silk thread
41.n. the level that is considered acceptable
42.n. a quantity of cloth or fabric, expecially for making clothes
43.a. having an empty space inside
45.v. to have the official power to control a country and the people who live there
49.n. the small, hard part of a plant from which a new plant grow

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