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Money things

Laura Knoll

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1.What is the document called that function as cash but can be replaced if lost or stolen.
5.Signature on the back of the check is called___________?
6.Financial transaction that electronically moves funds form one bank to another is a _____________?
15.secret code that protects the security of your account.
18.Check that is stamped and perforated to show that its been paid.
19.A computer terminal that gives bank customers electronic access to their accounts at any time.
20.In the event of bank failure, deposit insurance protects account this federal agency makes sure of it.
21.the one to whom a check is made out too.
22.paying for an item by making an electronic funds transfer at the place of purchase.
23.financial institutions owned by shareholders and operated for their profit are called________________?
2.the movement of funds by electronic means.
3.Check issued and guaranteed by the bank is a___________?
4.lack of sufficient funds to cover the full amount.
7.State-Chartered financial institutions operated by trustees for the benefit of depositors are called_____________?
8.checks that were received by the bank after the closing date of your. statement are called______________?
9.purchased certificate used to pay a specified amount to a particular payee.
10.To bring your bank statement and record of transactions into agreement Is____________?
11.Check form a personal checking account that is stamped by the bank.
12.Financial institutions that originally specialized in providing funds to home buyers are______________?
13.A card that allows the user to subract money form a bank account in order to obtain cash or make a purchase.
14.A type of gift card that can be used at many different stores (not a credit card).
16.Nonprofit financial institution owned by its members.
17.Fee paid for the opportunity to use someone else's money over a period of time.

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