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3.Finds just information you need and hides the rest.
5.Also known as a graph, is a visual way to display and compare data.
6.Is the computer manufacturer’s promise to pay for specific repairs for a certain length of time (such as a year).
10.Is a sort to rearrange data from lowest to highest, such as A to Z or smallest to largest.
12.They way rows are sorted.
13.Located on the Formulas tab, Excel automatically knows that you want to add the column of numbers above or add the row of numbers to the left.
15.Refers to how fast a computer works.
17.Refers to the change a formula makes when it is moved or copied to other cells with different data.
18.A built-in formula in Excel.
19.A group of cells.
1.Is a symbol that represents a specific action.
2.Is a way of arranging data in a particular order.
4.Is a sort to rearrange from highest to lowest, such as Z to A or largest to smallest.
5.Is each piece of hardware that is part of a computer system.
7.Is another way to reduce the amount of information displayed.
8.The Excel file that holds your worksheets.
9.In Excel is a calculation that describes the relationship of the cells.
11.Is a table of data that is organized into rows and columns.
14.The tool in which Excel can also automatically change the width of a column to fit the longest entry or change the height of a row to fit the font.
16.Is a group of computers connected together.

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