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A+ Chapter 12

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3.A tunneling protocol in which IPv6 packets travel over an IPv4 network. Named after the Teredo worm that bores holes in wood. (2 Words)
8.A unique, text-based name that identifies a network
10.A distributed pool of information that keeps track of assigned host names and domain names and their corresponding IP addresses, and the system that allows a host to locate information in the pool. (2 Words)
11.protocol that includes data encryption for security using the SSL or TLS security protocols.
13.A private network that uses the TCP/IP protocols.
14.A license leased for a range of IP addresses that defines a single octet, which is the network portion of the IP addresses in that license (2 Words)
15.The protocol used by the Windows Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance utilities to connect to and control a remote computer.
17.A 48-bit hardware address unique to each NIC card or onboard network controller and assigned by the manufacturer at the factory
18.a local area network or wide area network bounded by routers.
19.a computer on a network will use to access another network unless it knows to specifically use another gateway for quicker access to that network. (2 Words)
21.A name that identifies a computer, printer, or other device on a network, which can be used instead of the computer’s IP address to address the computer on the network
23.When several local networks are tied together in a subsystem of the larger intranet.
24.A protocol used to convert private IP addresses on a LAN to a public IP address before a data packet is sent over the Internet.
26.Segment of network data that also includes header, destination address, and type of data that is sent as a unit
27.A protocol used to transfer files from an FTP server to an FTP client using encryption.
1.A protocol used by a server to assign dynamic IP addresses to computers on a network when they first access the network. (2 Words)
2.A router, computer, or other device that connects networks.
3.an IP address assigned to a single node on a network. (2 Words)
4.A device that connects networks and makes decisions as to the best routes to use when forwarding packets.
5.The name of the access point for a wireless network.
6.A connectionless TCP/IP protocol that does not require a connection to send a packet and does not guarantee that the packet arrives at its destination. (2 Words)
7.IPv6 packets travel over an IPv4 network.
9.A process in which a message is sent by one host to multiple hosts, such as when a video conference is broadcast to several hosts on the Internet
12.In TCP/IP version 6, a node’s attachment to a link. The attachment can be a physical attachment
14.A TCP/IP command-line client/server application that allows an administrator or other user to control a computer remotely. (2 Words)
16.As applied to services running on a computer, a number that a service or process on a computer uses to listen for activity.
20.The protocol used to transfer files over a TCP/IP network.
22.the last block in the 64-bit prefix of an IP address
25.A protocol in the TCP/IP protocol suite
26.The protocol that an email server and client use when the client requests the downloading of email messages.

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