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Food And Nutrition


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1.Chemicals that help regulate many vital body processes and aid other nutrients in doing their jobs. Your body requires only a small amount of this.
7.Body's main source of energy
9.Nutrients that help build, repair, and maintain body tissues. They are also a source of energy
10.An essential nutrient to life that makes up most of your body weight.
12.A condition that has to do with a severe shortage of an essential component to living long and healthy (2 words)
14.needed in relatively large amounts (2 words)
17.a fat-like substance present in all body cells, and needed for many essential body processes
19.A Fibre that dssolves in water
22.the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water one degree celsius
24.Help you grow an provide you with theenergy needed to stay healthy and enjoy life
25.Vitamins that are absorbed and transported by fat (2 words)
26.the process of breaking down food into usable nutrients
2.essential component for making hemoglobin which is a substance that carries oxygen to your cells
3.Eating adequate amounts of a variety of food
4.Used by dietitians, nutritionist, and other health professionals as an important tool in shaping North American nutrition policy( 3 words)
5.....vitamins that dissolve in water and pass easily into the bloodstream (2 words)
6.These types of fatty acids are fats that also help lower bad cholesterol levels and may help raise levels of HDL
8.minerals needed in very small amounts, but are still very important (2 words)
11.Only form of carbohydrate that does not provide energy (2 words)
13.A fibre that will not dissolve in water (2 words)
15.A process in which missing...atoms are added to an unsaturated fat to make it firmer in texture
16.These types of fatty acids are fats that seem to help Lower cholesterol levels
17.Has several functions. Also helps maintain bone strength,
18.major minerals that work together to maintain the body's fluid balance
20.These types of fatty acids are fats that appear to Raise the level of bad cholesteral in the bloodstream
21.non-living sunbstances that help the body work properly and, in some cases, become part of the body tissues.
23.Concentrated source of energy. You need this in moderate amounts to perform important functions in your body

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