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Manifest Destiny

James The Great

Do Dis

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        9 10  

1.James is ? (Great)
6.What most people attribute to the cause of the war. Those fools.
8.State that wanted to enter the union. Sandy Cheeks.
11.Name of the picture that represents this best ( Saw in Class)
2.In 1898, following its expansion, the United States intervened in the X
3.encouraged 600,000 families to settle the West by giving them land (usually 160 acres) almost free. They had to live on and improve the land for five years.[54] Before the Civil War, Southern leaders opposed the Homestead Acts because they feared it would lead to more free states and free territories.
4.Manifest destiny had serious consequences for X, since continental expansion implicitly meant the occupation and annexation of X land, sometimes to expand slavery.
5.widely held belief that American settlers were destined to expand across the continent
7.Settlers moved weast- *You Have Died Of dysentery*
9.Where I got my information.
10.Pre-coining of the phrase, yet part of MD....Something something 1812

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