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1     2                   3
  4   5
    6     7      
8                         9
      10   11            
  15       16               17              
  19                   20             21  
22 23                          
24       25                

1.word given to moisture that falls from the air to the ground
6.time of year for the southwest monsoon
8.type of middle cloud
11.very light rain
12.name given to a hurricane in SE Asia
13.opposite of cloudy
15.Where planes fly
17.gas in air
19.used to measure air pressure
20.top layer of the atmosphere
23.Lowest layer of the atmosphere
24.Blanket of air around the Earth
27.used to measure humidity
28.51% of solar radiation is ___________ by the ground
29.line of equal pressure on a weather map
2.type of very high vertical clouds
3.gas that absorbs harmful infra red radiation
4.present state of the atmosphere
5.force that holds the atmosphere on the Earth
7.atmosphere layer between 12 to 80 km above the ground
8.used to measure wind speed
9.records of weather over a long period of time
10.weather brought by cumulonimbus clouds
14.can cause fires during a thunderstorm
16.used to measure temperature
18.predicting weather
21.4% of solar radiation is ________ by the ground
22.opposite of dry
25.type of cloud that are featureless, flat and hazy
26.clouds that are found nearly 8 km up in the sky

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