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Linguistics part 1

Allan D. Tipan

origins and writing + properties of language

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1.Instead of looking at types of sounds as the source of human speech, we can look at the types of physical features humans possess, especially those that are distinct from other creatures, which may have been able to support speech production.
3.a drawing which is used in a consistent way in order to represent an object.
8.Language signals are produced and disappear quickly (2 Words)
12.his almost automatic set of developments and the complexity of the young child’s language have led some scholars to look for something more powerful than small physical adaptations of the species over time as the source of language. This seems to indicate that human descendants are born with a special capacity for language. (3 Words)
17.language can be picked up by anyone within hearing, even unseen
21.it means that our language serves no other purpose but for communication
22.Language is organised on two levels or layers simultanously
23.refers to the fact that the sounds of words typically have no relationship to their meanings
24.Language carries meaning
25.The speaker/sender of a linguistic utterance can be a listener/reciever
2.this theory hypothesizes that language development is viewed as a transactional process that involves a developmental interaction vis-a-vis the personand communicative partners of which both needed to express their thoughts and feelings (3 Words)
4.It is claimed that originally a set of physical movement was developed as a means of communication. Then a movement of the tongue, lips and so on were recognized according to patterns of movement similar to physical movement. (2 Words)
5.The study of language
6.It says that the sounds of a person involved in physical effort could be the source of our language, especially when that physical effort involved several people and had to be coordinated. The appeal of this theory is that it places the development of human language in some social context. It does not, however, answer our question regarding the origins of the sounds produced.
7.Human language is typically generated via the vocal organs and percieved by the ear (3 Words)
9.refers to the properties of language that (a) continuous changes in the acoustic signal result not in continuous changes in a perceived speech sounds but in perceptually distinct sounds
10.human language can refer to past and future time and to other locations
11.The process whereby language is passed on from one generation to the next (2 Words)
13.It uses symbols to represent the sounds of language (2 Words)
14.this theory hypothesizes primitive words could have been imitations of the natural sounds (3 Words)
15.The ordinary language user can manipulate his linguistic resources to produce new expressions and new sentences
16.A writing system based on arbitrary relationships between the written form and the object it represents
18.this theory hypothesizes that humans language is a gift from the Gods (2 Words)
19.a more abstract and arbitrary relationship beyween a picture and its meaning is established. in fact a picture in this writing may have different meanings
20.a set of symbols in which one symbol represent one sound.

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