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Stave I

Jennifer Melvin

1 2 3
6               7            
8           9             10
      16     17      
19         20    

4.where Marley leaves Scrooge's house
6.around Marley's head
7."Every idiot who goes about with 'Merry Christmas' on his lips should be boiled in his own ______.
8.invites Scrooge to Christmas dinner
9.these will haunt Scrooge over three nights
13.Marley's body was _____ so that Scrooge could see two buttons on his waistcoat
16.What Marley's business in life really was
18.made the sounds just before the clanging of the chains
19.one of the items on Marley's chain
1.Scrooge did not do this before his went to bed
2.Scrooge blames the strange events on this
3.symbolize the things Marley found important in life
5.dead 7 years
7.Where Scrooge wanted the poor to go
10.why Scrooge kept his house dark and cold
11.what the portly gentleman wants
12.Scrooge's attitude toward Christmas
14.Scrooge used this to frighten away the caroler
15.Scrooge was as solitary as an ________.
17.Marley's face was there
20.Marley's feelings about how he spent his life

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