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Plate tectonics, Volcanoes and Earthquakes

9X1 Nathan and Rhianna

1     2      
3 4  
  7                   8
  9     10            

1.______ scars
5.___________ Earth theory
7.What was the early term for all movement of the Earth's crust?
9.Which reigon is coal formed in?
11.Who depicted Africa and South America connected? (First name only)
12.In which era was the super continent in existence?
13.In what decade would evidence cone about that would prove continential drift right?
14.In what year was Africa and South America depicted together?
2.________ Drift
3.What title did Kelvin have? (The man that suggested _______ was due to the cooling of the Earth)
4.What era was 65 million years ago?
6.Alfred L. ________
8.Which animal couldn't swim across continents but whose fossil was found in two?
10.The Super Continent
13.What century did Giordano Bruno live in?
14.When did Alfred publish his theory?

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