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A crossword about plate tectonics

  2 3
4     5              
7   8  
10           11            

4.giant hills of land caused by plates crashing together
6.a natural disaster caused by the tectonic plates crashing together
9.the force that pushes apart the plates, caused by the heat in the earth
10.first name of the scientist who created the continental drift theory
11.spews out lava
1.giant piece of rock that, when it crashes with another, it can cause an earthquake
2._______ earth theory, the theory that the world shrank over time.
3.name of the supercontinent before continental drift
5.country that was once separate islands but changed by convection
7._______ scale, a scale that measures earthquake strength
8.first name of the scientist who, in 1858, said Africa and South America were connected

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