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Test 6- Reform and Expansion

Mr. Kane

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    9     10                            
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  28                     29                
30                     31                  

2.President Polk pushed this slogan in order to establish the northern boundary of Oregon.
6.This was the prison system which allowed for group work during the day and isolation during the evenings.
7.This is the US General that led troops into California and helped establish the Republic of California.
9.This is the prison system which called for complete isolation during their time in jail.
12.This was the offical name for the war for texas independence from Mexico in 1835.
15.This is the name for the people who flocked west to California at the discovery of gold in 1849.
16.This gave the US control of the following modern day US States: California, Arizona, and New Mexico.
17.William Lloyd Garrison and other Evangelists preached that Salvation depended on his or her own efforts was during a era called ___?... also expressed power of the average citizen!
20.This was a well known abolitionist who had been a slave, and also advisor to Lincoln.
23.This is the US General that led troops into northern Mexico near the Rio Grande River.
24.This is the trail that the Mormons took west searching for religious freedom from persecution.
26.This was the Mormon leader that led the Mormons to Salt Lake City (second leader.)
27.This is what people were called that moved west because of the resources and not very populated.
28.This refers to the belief that married women should be limited to be pure religious and family/home life.
30.This is the President during the Mexican-American War, supported the War, and obtained the Oregon Territory from GB.
31.This was the leader for a public education reform in America.
32.This is the founder and first leader of the Mormon Religion, who was killed by an Anti-Mormon mob.
1.This was the group which led the temperance movement.
3.Emerson and Thoreau were leaders of this movement, which placed an emphasis on nature for guidance.
4.This was the first instance of a Women's Rights Movement led by Stanton, Mott and the Grimke Sisters.
5.This is the leader of the Texas Settlers who led them into Mexico (between the Brazos and Colorado Rivers)
8.This was the Mexican Military Dictator that led Mexico during the Texas Independence War.
10.This was a failed slave revolt that helped launch an abolitionist movement.
11.This is the final product of the Seneca Falls Convention (based off the declaration of independence.)
13.This is the idea that the US had the God-given right to expand to the Pacific Ocean is known as
14.This was the political group that expressed support for the Mexican-American War.
18.Although it failed in the Senate after passing the house, this bill which prohibited slavery in land gained by Mexico proved that Slavery would separate the North and South and cause high tensions.
19.This was the leader which pushed for fair treatment of prisoners and helped establish Mental Hospitals.
21.This is the last purchase during Manifest Destiny era which allowed the US to build a Trans-Continental Rail Road, and established the final border of the lower 48 states.
22.This was the leader of the Texas Army during their Independence from Mexico (Battle of San Jacinto,) and also their first President
25.This is the trail that extended south so that the US could trade with Settlers in Mexico, and Mexico.
29.Becoming Catholic, becoming a Mexican Citizen, and following their Constitution were conditions that Americans were to follow in order to settle this area.

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