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Literary Terms and Vocabulary

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1.Vocabulary: To harm or injure in return for harm
5.Vocabulary: To hunch the shoulders to show uncertainty
6.Types of Characters: a character which is the opposite of the main character
7.Types of Characters: a character that does not experience change within a story
11.Vocabulary: Unable to control emotions
12.Literary Genres: text that has monsters and magic
14.Vocabulary: To be offensive or sickening
17.Literary Elements: The hero of the story
18.Literary Elements: Life lesson taught through the story
2.Vocabulary: To uncover or reveal
3.Literary Genres: Examples of this type of genre include biography, autobiography, informational essay
4.Literary Genres: comedy or tragedy
7.Types of characters: a character that is repeated in different stories (the town drunk, the villian, the mad scientist)
8.Literary Elements: Most interesting part of the story
9.Literary Elements: Events that lead to the Resolution
10.Types of Characters: Mariel in the story, The Twin, is a ______ character because she experiences a change in her attitude throughout the story (from jealous to understanding)
13.Literary Genres: text that is not real
15.Literary Genres: short story with talking animals that teaches a lesson
16.Types of Characters: a character with more than one personality trait
17.Literary Elements: The exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution create the _________

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