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Climate Change in the Arctic

1 2 3
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4.Presipitation in the winter.
7.A change in presipitation or wind are two examples.
8.Those who live in a specific area.
15.To change behavior to survive.
18.The practice of answering questions through study.
19.To change from solid to liquid form.
20.Provides humans and animals with energy.
1.Everyone's ______is important!
2.To do things differently.
3.Something that is passed on through generations.
5.The liquid form of snow.
6.Hardened water.
10.A mass or area below or above sea level.
11.Food source for people in the north.
12.To have something ready ahead of time.
14.To obtain training or experience to do something.
16.To be aware of something before a decision is made.
17.To go from one place to another.

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