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Greek Crossword Puzzle

Alisha Pico

Fun and challenging crossword puzzle about greek gods & goddesses and greek mythology .

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8 9               10
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1.goddess of love and beauty, wife of Hephaistos but was in love with the war god Ares.
5.It was the first woman made out of clay, Hephaestus made a beautiful woman
6.was the goddess of the hearth, home and family,was one of the three virgin goddesses, next to Athena and Artemis
7.was the goddess of hunting, archery and childbirth,was also the goddess of wild animals ,was the twin sister of the god Apollo.
9.half man and half god,His mother was a mortal. But his father was a king - a very special king, the king of all the gods, the mighty Zeus.
12.the wife of Zeus and the queen of the gods, is the goddess of weddings and marriage
14.as the fun loving god of high spirits, strong emotions and wine,also closely associated with drama and the theatre.
15.was the king of the gods, most powerful weapon was the thunderbolt
16.gifted muisican , son of apollo and calliope
17.was the God and Ruler of the Underworldwas the God and Ruler of the Underworld
18.the goddess of war and cunning wisdom ,also the goddess of pot-making and wool-working
2.was the god of fire, volcanoes, blacksmiths and craftworkers , was lame and this led to him being thrown out of Mount Olympus
3.was the god of travel, business, weights and measures and sports, was the messenger of the gods and guided the souls of the dead to the underworld.
4.was Hermes son, His mother was a wood nymph. was a bit of a shock when he was born. He had two horns coming out of his forehead.
8.was the god of the sun, truth, music, poetry, dance and healing
10.was the goddess of fertility and agriculture, an important goddess for farmers and women.
11.was the god of the sea and horses,brother of Zeus, known for his bad temper and was greatly feared because of his ability to cause earthquakes.
13.was the son of Aphrodite,When Eros shot his little arrows into an unwary victim, that victim fell in love with the very next person they saw!
19.had the most beautiful voice,very musical and possessed a good and loving heart, was a wood nymph.
20.was the god of war,He was not a popular god.

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