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Physics of the Future

Michio Kaku

1 2
4 5    
6     7    
10                                       11               12  
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3.The ultimate computing power
10.Would make electronic devices bendable and paper thin
11.One of the only things machines cannot replicate
13.The most efficient way to explore the galaxy by using...
14.The gene that is responsible for over 50% of cancers
15.Is the author of the book
16.The ability to transfer electricity without any loss of power
18.When you have a better memory you are...
20.Will allow you to build a city in the click of a button using sand implanted with a computer chip
21.This prevents oxidative stress
1.This would bring the cost of space travel down by a factor of 50
2.Henry Ford once quoted.... when talking about mass production
4.Building of machines on a scale smaller than that off a human hair
5.The machine that allows us to build anything form anything
6.This is found commonly in red wine
7.Also known as Maglev
8.These will allow you to see who is important at a party just by looking at them
9..... States that computer power doubles every eighteen
12.Our civilization will reach a ..... civilization in the year 2100 if we don't destroy ourselves first
17.History shows that democracies almost never ...... on other democracies
19.The ... era is about to end in the following decade or so

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