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China Crossword Puzzle

Derek Purcella

1 2
3       4                   5
    6     7 8
    14 15              
  19                       20          
  21     22           23
      24   25      
        26   27      

3.The thory that Chinese dynastie go through a predictable cycle: Early vigor; growth; decline (2 Words)
9.Family that had power in Japan, despite not being emperors. Women in this family were an easy way to power
10.Bottom teir of people in the society of the Yuan Dynasty
11.Muslim Eunich that led multiple sea voyages to Indian Ocean (2 Words)
13.Dynasty that ruled China from A.D. 960 - 1279
15.Period in Japan from A.D. 794 - 1185
16.Mongolian Dynasty that ruled China from A.D. 1234 - 1368
17.Dynasty that ruled China from A.D. 618 - 906
18.Series of tests that selected men for goverment positions (3 Words)
19.A feminine form of beauty in Song Times that is looked upon as harsh and cruel in today's society (2 Words)
20."verbal formulas"
22.Top teir of people in the society of the Yuan Dynasty
25.A major Chinese export during the economical revolution; A commercial crop
27.Dynasty that ruled China from A.D. 1368 - 1644
28.A form of printing where each block is used for one unique character (2 Words)
29.Tool delevoped by the Song to help with sea navigation
1.System in which the emperor retires to a Buddhist monastery but exercises his power by controlling his son (2 Words)
2.The monumant that prevented the Mongols from raiding Ming China (2 Words)
4.Author of The Pillow Book (2 Words)
5.The main currency used in China during the Song Dynasty (2 Words)
6.New form of Confucianismin which the goal is to gain the wisdom of sages
7."The Woman Doctor" (2 Words)
8.A major weapon of war that the Song Dynasty lacked, and had to trrade tea for
12.Sect of Buddhism in which enlightanment is secretly transmitted from the Buddha. (2 Words)
14.i.e. sugar; oranges; cotton; silk (2 Words)
20."cosmic diagrams"
23.Chinese man that was extremely adept in math and science (2 Words)
24.The Chinese general that formed the Song Dynasty
26.One of the main commercial crops in Ming China

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