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Grade 9C Social Studies

Mr Crossley

1                       2  
3                   4
5   6 7   8            
    11 12               13      
  14 15      
        17   18        
21           22        

1.German word for Three Emperors League, 1872
3.Franz _________, started the First World War
7.Dismissed by the Kaiser in 1890
9.Leader of the 'Rough Riders', Theodore ________.
10.Major naval battle in First World War
12.The city where the Russian Revolution
16.Turkish commander
17.Understanding between Russia and France, Dual ______.
19.French commander at the Marne
21.The famous samurai, Iwasaki ______.
22.Serbian Prime Minister
23.Australians and New Zealanders
1.Britains new battleship launched in 1906
2.William Randolph Hearst owned this newspaper
4.The canal that interested the Americans
5.The murderer of the Archduke
6.Japan's new government
8.This German had a plan to win the war...
11.The naval battle between Japan and Russia
13.This country was splendidly isolated
14.Kaiser's warship
15.Kaiser William visited this Moroccan town
16.US President in 1898
18.Admiral of the German fleet before the War
20.Japanese commander, Admiral ____.

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