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Bible Doctrines


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8.The belief that children who die before they understand salvation, go to heaven (3-words)
10.Doctrine of the church
12.Unleavened bread and the fruit of the vine are elements of what?
14.Doctrine of salvation
15.One of the pictures of the church in the New Testament (3-words)
16.An outward duty prescribed by Christ to be performed by the church
17.A judicial act of God whereby He declares the guilty sinner to be righteous and free from guilt and punishment.
19.Doctrine of man
20.One of the church`s obligation toward the government
22.One of the Biblical qualifications of a pastor (4-words)
25.Man is this by nature
26.Another name for shepherd
28.The first human sin is call this (2-words)
29.Another name for servant
1.One of the blessings of salvation
2.Transgression of the law
3.A childlike trust in God and His record of His Son
4.The three types of death (3-words)
5.The process of being set apart from the world and unto God's service.
6.Turning from sin to God, a thorough change in one's thinking
7.Salvation from the penalty of sin
9.One of the proofs of personal salvation (2-words)
11.Salvation from the power of sin
13.Another name for overseer
18.The act whereby God places His own child in the position of adult son
21.Salvation from the presence of sin
23.To immerse under water
24.The God-consciousness of man
27.This is the conscious part of man

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