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End Semester 2 Test


1 2   3         4   5      
6     7 8            
11               12 13 14 15            
16         17                        
      20       21       22
  24                   25          
29         30                  
31           32      
  33 34             35        
  38                 39           40
41 42    
43 44             45          

2.Device used to store an electric charge
4.What an IC is mounted in
6.Colour of LED that requires more voltage than similar
8.Name given to the -ve leg of an LED
9.Type of current
11.Colour of a power diode
15.Name given to the +ve leg of an LED
16.Colour of a carbon film resistor
17.What electronic components are mounted on (two words)
18.What Current multiplied by voltage equals
19.Component that acts as a "switch" in a circuit
21.Number of volts needed by the majority of LED's
24.Another name for a rheostat
27.Full name for an "IC" (two words)
29.Most common number of coloured bands on a resistor
30.Unit of measurement for voltage
32.If a circuit has a "break" it is said to be _____________
34.Component that when supplied with varying current produces sound
36.Full name for unit of measurement for current
37.Low melting point alloy used to join electronic components
38.Means a component can only be placed in a circuit a particular way
39.Type of capacitor
43.+ve terminal of a DC power source
45.Name given to components attached "end to end"
46.Unit of measurement for capacitance
1.Safety rule for when you finish soldering (two words)
3.Complete this component name: Piezo Electric _____________________
5.Type of resistor where the value varies dependent on light (three words)
7.Flows around a circuit
10.Type of capacitor that can only go in a circuit one way
12.Type of resistor (two words)
13.Used for cleaning your iron tip
14.What is "DC" (two words)
19.Applying "low melting point alloy" to the tip of your iron
20.What type of electronic component do the letters NPN refer to
22.Type of battery (two words)
23.-ve terminal of a DC power source
25.Device converts voltage to a different value
26.A circuit diagram drawn using symbols is called a ______________ diagram
28.Device used to temporarily "bridge" a circuit
31.Unit of measurement for current
33.When used in front of a unit of measurement it means one thousand times
35.Name given to components attached "side by side"
40.Component used a s a "timer" in a circuit
41.Used to join components that are "widely spaced"
42.Number of individual cells in a 9V battery
44.Unit of measurement for resistance

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