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Happy Thanksgiving!

Ms. Kendra

1 2
8       9 10 11  
    12   13           14       15
17             18             19          
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26   27       28           29              
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      36 37              
    40           41      
44             45       46  

3.Day that follows Thanksgiving.
5.Large orange fruit.
6.Word for indian corn.
7.Cold sweet sauce made from these berries.
8.Large meal.
13.Friends and family _________ around a table to share a meal.
14.Famous parade is sponsored by this store.
16.Thanksgiving is the busiest __________ day of the year.
17.You do this to potatoes.
18.This crustacean was eaten on the first Thanksgiving.
19.Another word for slice the turkey.
21.This character balloon has appeared in the parade the most times.
22.Where the Pilgrams got off of their ship.
23.Only _____ turkeys gobble.
25.The weather is becoming...
26.People who are related to you.
28.State Pilgrams arrived at.
31.Thanksgiving is always on this day of the week.
33.What you do to cook pies
34.Long line of people marching down a street.
37.Thanksgiving month.
38.Vegetable that grows on stalks.
39.The main course of Thanksgiving dinner
40.Month that Pilgrams arrived in America.
42.Macy's parade takes place in this state.
44.The Pilgrams came to America from...
45.A fruit similar to pumpkins.
1.Thanksgiving is primarily celebrated in the US and...
2.People originally living in America.
4.Some people say this before a meal.
9.Give _______ for all that you have.
10._______ hunting follows Thanksgiving
11.Another word for autumn.
12.Sauce poured over food.
13.Neck and other parts of the turkey that need to be removed before baking.
15.This man is at the end of the parade every year.
16.The first Thanksgiving lasted _______ days.
19.Thanksgiving kicks off the _______ shopping season.
20.What a turkey says.
24.Popular dessert of the holiday.
25.Drink made from apples.
27.Ship that Pilgrams arrived on.
29.To pick crops when they are ripe.
30.Thanksgiving was changed from the last week of Nov. to the third week to lengthen the Xmas _________ season.
32.Baked inside of a turkey.
35.People who settle in a country.
36.Popular sport of the season.
41.Turkey is a type of...
43.________ meat was eaten on the first Thanksgiving.
46.The pilgrams traveled on a...

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