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1.Legend has it that travellers would meet at the intersection of three crossroads to exchange news, gossip, and tiny interesting facts. What English word just might derive from this idea?
5.How do they say ice cream in Italy?
6.A word that contains four personal pronouns (us, she, he, her).
9.Other name for "infinity".
10.What word do these all have in common? Music, prisons, and soap?
12.Only one country is a verb:
13.A seven-letter word that contains thirteen words spelled with consecutive letters.
14.Can you name a common four letter word which reads the same upside down as right-side up?
15.When this six-letter word is capitalized, it refers to a European country and language. When not capitalized, it means to make smooth or shiny. What is the word?
2.A word that was invented by Shakespeare.
3.Can you find a word whose spelling contains five vowels in a row? Something that a person might do while waiting for a bus, or something a hairdresser might be doing, are clues for this word.
4.In the first six letters of the alphabet, with a letter repeated, what word can you form?
7.A Word that contains three dotted letters in a row (in lower case).
8.What is a more common name in this country for an item originally called an "India rubber"?
11.A name derived from the consecutive months of the calendar?

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