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US History: Chapter 8

Mrs. Saaranen

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3.B’nai b’rith and the anti-defamation league worked to help______________ families
8.This deal worked to prevent the wealthy from taking advantage of small business owners
9.Started Niagra movement to denounce gradual progress
10.This president won a whopping 82% of the electoral vote in 1912; professor
13.This monitored business practices that might lead to a monopoly
15.Jacob Riis used this tool to expose rat-infested tenements
17.Wilson’s plan that allowed for more opportunities for small business
18.This toy bear was named after Roosevelt after he could not shoot a real one
21.Wanted to bring about reforms that would correct problems and injustices in social and political situations
22.In a __________________ primary citizens vote to select nominees for upcoming elections
23.when these miners went on strike, Roosevelt effectively threatened the owners to give in to some workers demands
25.This party was split by Roosevelt and Taft
29.Voter’s power to remove public servants from office
31.So-called scientific theories said dark-skinned peoples were _____________ intelligent than whites
33.Under the National Reclamation Act, the federal government has the power to say where and how _____________ will be distributed
34.The _________________________, referendum, recall and 19th amendment of the Progressives led to more voter influence
36.Helped African Americans be free from forced lower-paid labor, ignorance, disenfranchisement, and insult.
37.The goal of these progressives was gaining the right to vote
38.Act that regulated shipping prices
1._____________ v. Ferguson passes segregation laws in the south
2.This educator reformed schools by introducing new subjects and creative thinking
3._______________ Americans put their land in their children’s names to avoid having it taken away from them.
4.Jane Addams opened this settlement house
5.In a graduated income______________, the wealthy pay more than the poor
6.Founded by Carrie Catt to promote suffrage
7.Roosevelt’s reputation was as a trust_________________
11.the triple ________________________ of privileges includes tariffs, banks and trust.
12.Women were expected to hand over their wages to their husbands, fathers or ___________________
14.This strike resulted in the Colorado National Guard opening fire on and killing 26 men, women & children
16.Efforts to teach immigrants English, how to dress, what foods to eat; assimilated them
19.Protestant leaders following the Social Gospel urged the end of ________________ labor
20.These writers uncovered many problems in America; fascinated with the ugly side of things
24.Helped found the national consumers league promote goods produced in fair working conditions
26.Margaret Sanger opened the first birth-control _______________
27.Movement to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol
28.President after Roosevelt
30.This book by Sinclair revealed the despair of immigrants in Chicago
32.The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire resulted in laws to make the workplace _______________
35.This league bought clothes, books, and sent African American children to school

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