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The cool crazy cross

Kieran Sinclair-Lomax

To Caleb, Jensen, Lucas or Jack (S),

I would just like to tell you that if you don't know an answer, you can look on the internet for the answer, but if you almost know the answer DO NOT LOOK ON THE INTERNET FOR THE ANSWER!

1         2           3 4
  6 7 8    
11                     12      
14                 15            

1.a 20 faced 3D shape
5.a 40 sided 2D shape
9.aka triangular pyramid is a 4 faced 3D shape
11.a 50 sided 2D shape
13.what you poo in
14.a 100 sided 2D shape
15.a 10 sided 2D shape
16.what you are doing now on a piece of paper
2.a 150 sided 2D shape
3.aka cube is a 6 faced 3D shape
4.a 20 sided 2D shape
6.a 30 sided 2D shape
7.a 12 faced 3D shape
8.a 200 sided 2D shape
10.a 110 sided 2D shape
12.an 8 faced 3D shape

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