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Vocab IV Review 4-7

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          29             30    

1.a basic, essential, or permanent part (of something)
6.believed to be true, though it may not be
10.to elaborate or explain about in more detail
12.to make unneccesary or irrelevant
13.a follower or believer (in something)
14.to put off (something) until later OR to yield respectfully
15.impossible to solve OR unable to be dissolved (in something)
16.level of achievement or perceived success in society
17.spread out OR to distribute
20.beneficial, helpful, or positive
22.a copy or imitation
28.payment or compensation for an injury or wrongdoing
29.to remember or recall
31.not able to be understood or comprehended
32.determined, unwavering, or steadfast
33.having or showing care or hard work (at something)
34.absolutely poor; living without basic needs
35.to provide or offer (something)
2.overflowing with words, thoughts, or ideas
3.the basic physical or organizational structure (of something)
4.one who argues for or supports (something)
5.an assistant with varied tasks
7.overly or excessively easy or simple
8.a road or path over a bridge or valley
9.plentiful or abundant
11.to rapidly increase in size, number, or population
18.violation or misuse of something considered sacred
19.to discuss with someone OR to give or bestow (something) to someone
20.the way a person behaves
21.unable to be affected (by something)
23.a conclusion based on reason and evidence
24.adequate; good enough (at something)
25.to go away or off of a path or plan
26.devoted to sensual pleasure or lacking moral restraint
27.humble submission and respect
30.to interpret or understand (something) in a particular way

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