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San Eli SNSI

Clues are based on the 14 Leadership Traits using the acronym "JJDIDTIEBUCKLE".

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  3           4            
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3.The ability to be considerate of others and allowing for their comfort first and foremost.
5.The practice and ability to arrive at making good choices in a timely manner.
9.A leader who is honest and truthful is demonstrating particular trait.
10.A leader who conducts and carries himself or herself properly, alert and under control.
13.Devotion to country as well as seniors, peers, and subordinates in the chain of command.
14.The practice of being fair and consistent and bases rewards or punishments on merit.
1.The ability to make good decisions in a clear, calm, and orderly fashion.
2.This means you can be relied upon to perform your duties properly.
4.The ability to take action without orders and knowing how to get it done!
6.A leader who shows a sincere interest and exuberance---optimistic, cheerful, and willing to accept challenges.
7.This is the mental and physical stamina that withstands pain,fatigue, stress, and hardship.
8.This is the understanding of a science or art while acquiring information.
11.A leader who remains calm while recognizing fear: Moral courage is mental strength, and physical courage occurs while in danger.
12.This means that you can deal with people politely, calmly, and firmly.

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