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Vocab V Review 4-7

2 3  
4   5           6                  
13     14   15              
    17   18
  19   20 21                
22                       23
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29               30              

4.to pretend to be sick in order to avoid something
6.without flaws
8.a minor error or sin
9.to associate oneself (with someone) OR a companion, usually romantic
10.not taking proper care; not paying adequate attention
12.negative, critical, insulting
14.followed by favorable circumstances
16.a chance occurance
21.causing sleep or fatigue
22.to relent or give in
25.protection, support, patronage, guidance, or authority (with "under")
27.to bad-mouth (someone); to insult or speak ill (of someone)
28.lacking energy or tired; relaxed
29.to weaken or diminish one's ability to do something; to damage
30.a general feeling of discomfort, sadness, or unease
1.the doctrine that outcomes have been determined in advance, usually by a higher power
2.to soothe, appease, or otherwise win the favor (of someone)
3.insignificant; too small or unimportant to be considered
5.a condition of tiredness or weariness
7.unexpectedly lucky; happening by chance rather than planning
9.a group of companies or institutions
10.to cancel out, nullify, or undo
11.indicating a good chance of success; favorable
13.a payment or compensation; a release from a debt
15.drowsy, tired, or sleepy
17.sleep; drowsiness
18.one who takes the law into his or her own hands
19.attentive and watchful; on the alert
20.intended for a specific purpose or fate
23.a song or service for the dead, lost, or missing
24.to waste away
26.sinful; morally wrong

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